Heartworm treatment and preventative

Because we are in a heartworm endemic state, we at Animal Medical Center I-35 see cases of heartworm disease on a regular basis.  This good news is that this very serous, potentially life-threatening disease is completely preventable.  As part of our comprehensive pet healthcare protocols, we follow the American Heartworm Society guidelines for annual heartworm testing.  We also recommend the most effective medications available for the prevention of heartworm disease.  The preventatives we offer are either monthly oral medications (Heartgard or Sentinel), or a 6 month injectable heartworm preventative (Proheart 6).  

In the unfortunate event that your pet becomes infected with heartworms, we also offer the most current heartworm treatment available.  

We would be happy to answer any of your questions about heartworm disease, prevention, or anything else.  Give us a call at 405-359-6301.