Kennel Staff




Micayla was born and raised in Choctaw Oklahoma where she grew up with a variety of animals including livestock, chickens, goats, sheep, dogs, cats , and the occasional wild variety of a possum or two. In addition to her love of pets, Micayla is an artist and photographer on the side.  She enjoys the creativity flow of each medium she is working on.  Her favorite part of each day is producing her art.  We love having Micayla as part of the AMC I-35 team and her passion towards our kennels pets.  


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Sky (Pic coming soon)

Sky joined our team in August 2022.  She has spent several years working with animals from large animal to exotic, and also spent several years at a local humane society before joining our hospital.  

Outside of the clinic, she has a herd of her own pets: Mimi, Sally are the dogs and Salvador, Flop, Dogma, and Canis are the cats!  Sky's goal in life is to live everyday with purpose and to be the person that her dogs think she is!